Slicer blade: which material and type to choose
Lama per affettatrice: quale materiale e tipologia scegliere

 Slicer blade: which material and type to choose

If you are wondering which is the most suitable slicer blade for yours, here you will find all the types of blades available on the market. You will have asked yourself many times if it is possible to cut cheese, vegetables, bread, fish, frozen foods with a blade. The time has come to answer all your questions. 

The materials

The materials for the blades differ in two types: c45 and 100cr6.

The fundamental difference between the two blades is the hardness and therefore the duration. The c45 being less resistant is more suitable for less frequent use. Prolonged sharpening can lead to a term of up to one year. Instead the 100cr6 being more resistant is more suitable for activities (butchers, grocery stores, restaurants ...). So in summary The blade is in stainless steel, chromed or hardened. The very efficient c45 for a home machine. The 100cr6, on the other hand, is for professional models, manufactured in anodized or die-cast steel; there is also a Teflon-coated blade generally used to cut cheeses and vegetables that release acid agents that risk corroding the steelLa forma della lama

In addition to the composition of the slicer blade, it is also important to choose the shape.

those with a smooth blade, the most common and widespread;

those with a serrated blade, used to cut bread and frozen foods.

A smooth blade allows you to cut almost any product. Its rounded design is ideal for slicing even soft foods. a smooth blade is ideal for cutting meat, vegetables (smooth but Teflon coated) and soft cured meats. Of course, it can also be used with cooked products such as roast. A serrated blade allows easy cutting even of hard products such as bread and frozen foods. For example, you can easily cut a whole frozen chicken breast at home.

You should now have all the information you need to choose your perfect slicer blade. If you want to know some other tips on your food machine stay Tuned!

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