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secrets for a perfect slicer

secrets for a perfect slicer


In this short article we will try to explain some small rules to keep your slicer always efficient. the first important thing to know is that you need an industrial oil (AGWSAFF0086) and NEVER cooking vegetable oil to lubricate your slicer. Using olive oil would only make the situation worse within a few days. By placing the slicer on one side you can see the only two points where you can add oil: the pin of the graduated knob and the sliding axis of the trolley. Next, putting the slicer back in position, add some oil (a few drops) to the settings of the emery boards. These small precautions allow the efficient use of your slicer. another not less important thing is the phase in which the slicer is cleaned. First disassemble the blade and remove all residues between the blade and the blade. it is possible to use a degreaser, but the important thing is not to spray it and do not send the water to the back of the blade, otherwise you could get some liquid on the belt, which would start to slip. Each model also has a specific blade to cut different products. There are toothed blades for bread, special blades for fish and blades of different materials for a different duration. So the important thing is to avoid cutting bread and fish with a standard blade. In case of vegetable cutting it is necessary to immediately dry the liquid formed because acidic vegetables such as tomatoes, lemons etc .. oxidize and corrode the metal parts. These are just small tips I recommend to make good use of them!