how a watch scale works and find the right replacement
come funziona una bilancia orologio e individuare il ricambio giusto

to understand how a clock scale works and identify the right spare part, you need to understand how it is made. There are several types of scales: automatic, semi-automatic, optical, electronic and digital. The difference between automatic and semi-automatic lies in the mechanical weight reading system.

The scale is divided into head, column and base.


In the head of the automatic scale, the reading takes place by means of a pointer AGWSLAN2EUR0018 . The head structure consists of levers and mechanical systems. The various systems include: flexible belt operation AGWSNAS2MAV0160 which act on masses that act as a counterweight to the weight placed on the scale plate or of mechanical parallelogram systems that determine the weight through pendular masses  AGWSBKLBIL0047 but connected to a system of geometric variation.

 The various movements are concentrated on a rack AGWSCRE2BIZ0004 in turn in contact with a pinion or toothed axis  AGWSPIG2EUR0021 which operates on two bearings or triblometers AGWSCUS2MAV0031 on which the hands are assembled.

The reading is in an analog system through dials and sub-dials both positioned on the head (see photo) where sensitivity (division) and total range are impressed.

The transmission between the head and the plate takes place via a column inside which a tie rod and a damper are positioned ALFBIL0009 which contains white mineral oil AGWSOIL0120 (in the semi-automatic scales equipped with a handle for weight variation and a triangular head, the damper can be air-operated with a graphite piston). The base is made up of knife levers AGWSCOL2EUR0001 and stones on which a cross rests where the plate is fixed AGWSBIL (fruit bowl, top for meats, cold cuts and cheeses and fish channel plate).

Drawbacks of scales:

  1. an uncontrolled oscillation of the pointer can result from the lack of oil inside the damper which could also be broken (plastic or metal) ALFBIL0009 
  2. a block of the pointer is given by the pinion breaking or the mechanical parts coming out (most of the time the parallelogram) AGWSPIG2EUR0021
  3. incorrect positioning of the pointer can derive from the overlapping between the pinion and the rack. AGWSCRE2BIZ0004
  4. exit of the plate connected to the cross AGWSCRO2ARS0002 on which knives and stones are placed  AGWSCOL2EUR0001 forming part of the base.
  5. A slight malfunction can also derive from incorrect positioning of the feet AGWSPIE2MAV0186 found on the level AGWSELE0013 often placed near the column.

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