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List of products by brand Berkel

Its story was born in 1898 by Wilhelmus Andrianus Van Berkel who, combining passion and experience, mechanically reproduces the movement of the hand slicing with a knife. A brilliant intuition, the invention of the slicer that soon spread all over the world. Already in the 1950s, Berkel, in addition to being an innovative manufacturer of slicers, managed to put the Berkel brand above everyone else.

When the word Berkel is named it is immediately associated with Perfection, Design, attention to detail, reliability and innovation. The search for perfection translates into an obsessive attention to detail, which is achieved only thanks to a production that is still entirely handcrafted today. The high precision mechanical technique enhances the quality of the cut product and blends into the beauty and extraordinary scenic presence of the Berkel slicers.

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