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List of products by brand Fama Industrie

Fama Industrie boasts its presence on all continents and distributes highly qualified machinery in more than 100 countries, with accessories specifically designed for each specific need, built with extreme precision and with the use of quality materials. All the GMB, GSR and GMR series graters have a polished die-cast aluminum structure, protective grates and stainless steel rollers, ideal for supermarkets, canteens and businesses capable of processing large quantities of product. The GG models are always for large productions, ventilated asynchronous motors of great power, with collection bowls in plastic or steel. Fama potato peelers, cleaners have a structure completely in AISI 304 stainless steel, solenoid valves for water inlet and practical lids, drawers and doors. They are equipped with multifunction digital timer and manual button for drain. Belt transmission and all machinery compliant with CE standards.

wide range of products, all made according to the same quality and reliability criteria, but completely versatile and adaptable to any situation and any activity. we build, import and distribute reliable and resistant products, with the aim of allowing all customers in every corner of the world a simple and lasting use. professional graters, industrial potato peelers up to 18kg capacity, the series of professional cleaners, ice crushers, combined juicer, whisk, blender bar units and the whole range of coffee grinders.

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