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List of products by brand Agwsit

The AGWS brand and the AG company. WORK SOLUTION have the aim of bringing PROFESSIONALISM and QUALITY back to Italian homes and businesses, without underestimating SAVINGS.

this project was born at a time when the crisis seems to have taken over and people have concentrated their purchases based exclusively on price. Other important factors such as the quality and professionalism of Italian companies have been lost from sight. On our site you will find all the equipment, machinery and professional items suitable for trade, industry and crafts (slicers, meat mincers, mixers, scales, platforms ...). In addition, we bring professional items also suitable for domestic use into homes. For those looking for clothing for their chefs, waiters or employees, there will be a section dedicated exclusively to these items: headgear, shirts, trousers, sweatshirts etc ... there are also items suitable for everyday use that can be customized with the AGWS logo. Last but not least is the section dedicated to SPARE PARTS where you will find all the items suitable for DIY or repairs of any kind. In the event that among all the items on the site there is not what you are looking for, you can contact us and we will do the research by publishing it and making it available for purchase later.

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